Dust Vader


Introducing the innovative Dust Vibrator sander attachment that effortlessly vibrates dirt particles from carpets in cars and homes, making cleaning a breeze. Our innovative product is
designed to fit seamlessly onto any standard sander, providing
powerful vibration to draw up deep debris that’s embedded in
your carpets. Whether you’re dealing with pet hair, crumbs, or
other stubborn dirt, the Dust Vibrator will help you achieve a
deeper clean thane before. With its two-part design, this
attachment can go from shag to car carpeting with just a few

The Dust Vibrator is perfect for DIY cleaning enthusiasts
professionals alike, Saygoodbye to the never-ending cleaning of dense carpet fibers and hello to like-new clean carpets with our Dust Vibrator sander attachment


Loosens deeply embedded debris

Effortlessly removes embedded dirt and dust from carpets with powerful vibrations

Saves time and effort

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the Dust Vibrator makes quick work of stubborn crumbs, dirt, and sand trapped in your carpets so you can get a true clean the first time

Provides a deeper clean

Loosening dirt particles that may be missed by other cleaning tools, this attachment is ideal for usein cars and homes and helps you achieve a cleaner, more hygienic living spac

your sander

Compatible with most standard sanders, this
attachment is a versatile addition to your cleaning toolkit

Helps clean all carpet types

An innovative two-part design includes a detachable middle for longer shag carpets. Then, screw it back on for extra traction on dense floorboard carpets


Attach the components together
Attach the components to your sander
Put the sander on the carpet and let it agitate all the sand and dirts out
Use the Vacuum cleaner to collect the sand and dirts that have been agitated